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From the Founding of Rome to the Downfall of the Empire


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The Etruscans
Wars with Greece
Cesar Conquest of Gaul
The Empire’s limits and frontiers
Germanic invasions
Rome and the Mediterranean
Roman roads
Christianity under the Roman Empire
The Empire and its organisation at the end of the 3rd century AD

Rome and its Empire

According to legend, Rome was founded in 753 BC by Romulus and Remus, descendants of Aeneas and sons of the vestal virgin Rhea Silvia and the god Mars.
The city was first ruled by a monarchy, which was replaced by a Republic and later by an Empire. Rome gradually extended its power over a vast area with the Mediterranean at its centre, stretching from Mauretania (what is now Morocco) to Mesopotamia and from Britain to Egypt. When the Empire finally disintegrated, its western areas were overrun by barbarians while the Eastern Empire was ruled by Byzantium.

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