About us

At The Map as History, we are committed to innovating the way teens and adults learn about advanced history.

Our system uses a series of animated maps to bring history to life, often focusing on a single region to illustrate developments over time. We also create timelines to further clarify and contextualize historical progress.

To date, we have published over 230 animated maps, making us the largest animated online atlas. Our varied series permit you to learn about many regions - from the Americas, to India, to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Schools and universities all over the world use our maps to further learning in and out of the classroom, while students use our maps to better understand complex historical facts.

As an individual or a history buff, you can take advantage of our maps to enjoy history in a novel way, with greater geographical understanding.

Our company was born and is based in France, but we are now present in all corners of the world. The Map as History works with a global team of historians and specialists to ensure that our maps are relevant, up-to-date, and accurate. You can meet some members of our team below.

Armine Garcia Barker, International content specialist/ International development director, Stanford University (B.A. International Relations), Paris-Sorbonne University (M.A. Publishing Studies)

Caroline Mackenzie, Historian and outreach coordinator

Vincent Sevin, Founder and editor


Some of our authors and members of our research committee:

Carol Artigues (M. Ed.), Historical consultant

Alexis Berchadsky, History professor

Caroline Mackenzie, Historian

Georges Commet, Emeritus Professor of Medieval History

Sylvie Denoix, Research Director

Geneviève Dermenjian, Senior Lecturer

Laurent Testot, Journalist for a social studies magazine

Françoise Hidelsheimer, Chief Curator, French National Archives

Patrice Pomey, Research Director, CNRS, Director, Camille Jullian Centre

Eric Vial, Professor of Contemporary History


The Map as History is published by Images et Savoirs, a company which designs and publishes multimedia educational and cultural tools.