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Offer for libraries

Our animated maps, in both English and French, are used in many countries around the world: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, etc.

They can be made available for libraries and mediatheques via a subscription for one or more years.
When you take a subscription, your readers will be able to consult all our animated maps (approximately 130 currently available), using an online access code from all terminals in your library.

Advantages for subscribers:

  • You have access to later improvements that we make on our animated maps;
  • You also have access to our new series of animated maps as they come on-line (we are now preparing three additional series: Decolonisation, History of Christianity and Ancient Rome).

Please let us know the number of terminals in your library and we will prepare a proposal tailored to your circumstances.

The Map as History is an electronic resource covered by the Shared Electronic Resource Understanding (SEFU) for purchases by schools, universities and libraries.
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