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Colonies in North America

England looks to the West (The colony of Roanoke)

A section of the spoken commentary from this animated map.

...... In 1584, after receiving a royal patent from Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Walter Raleigh launched a first expedition to the Outer Banks, in what is now North Carolina. This area appeared to be far enough away from Spain’s bases in Florida to be safe from an attack by its ships.

The island of Roanoke was chosen by the English as their colony and a fort was built there. It was hidden from the sea by an offshore bar.

Three years later in 1587, 110 settlers, including 18 women, arrived on several ships from England. They landed on the island of Roanoke and were left there in the first attempt at establishing a populated colony.

But because of Spain’s “invincible Armada” and its attack against England, the colony did not receive new supplies for three long years. When the first English ship arrived in 1590, all the settlers had disappeared with only one sign of their presence: the word ‘Croatoan’ was etched on two tree trunks. This was the name of both a nearby island and a tribe of Native Americans.

The mystery surrounding the fate of the settlers has never been resolved and Roanoke is now known as ‘the lost colony’.....

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